About Us




We’re Rob & Nichole Plaster and we’re the plasters of Paris. We accompany post-modern disciples to love God,love others and make disciples so that new expressions of church sprout organically.

We do this by engaging people who desire growth to start reading the Bible in our Life Transformation Group format. Spiritual family gatherings link all of the Bible reading groups of a neighborhood enriching life together. As our team of French disciples grows, we gather for fellowship and training together.


Where to find our best stuff:

Of all the media sources out there, our best content is sent out in a weekly email newsletter. That’s where the gold is. Recently we have sent out a testimony of life transformation from one of our French disciple makers, a video on how to pack a suitcase in five minutes, and tips on how to overcome obstacles as you are making disciples that make disciples. We are all about adding value to you and your church family.


Meet The Plasters of Paris

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Our Story

Over the years we have worked with many projects, many missions, and launched diverse church plants.We’ve served in France since 2003. So far, we are proud to have helped launch a global Christian student movement, a Young adults seeker service church plant, a neighborhood church plant rooted in fine arts, and a center-city daughter church plant. And what now? In recent years we’ve dedicated ourselves to making disciples who make disciples. This new driving vision has forced us to clarify our values, trim down our activities, and make room for laser sharp focus on the essentials.

In 2013 the newest little Plaster of Paris was born in the city of light. Cami has many passions several of which are medieval gowns, all things Narnia, reading her Bible every day and hosting family church in our home. Spiritual family is exciting and fun, and the house is always packed with kids, thanks to her. Cami Cupcake even has her own Facebook channel where she rambles on about her adventures in life.

Making disciples who make disciples is our passion. You’ll learn their names and faces as you follow our updates and you will even get a chance to meet them when you come to visit.