About Us



We’re Rob & Nichole Plaster and we’re the Plasters of Paris, bridging faith and life.  We accompany post-modern disciples to love God, love others and make disciples so that new expressions of church sprout organically.

Our passion is building community through vulnerability. If you want to connect, grow and make an impact… we’ll show you how to gather your friends for a coffee and discuss the Bible in a haven of faith. In France, when you pour the coffee we pour out our hearts.


Our Story

Since 2003 we have worked with many projects, many missions, and launched diverse church communities: from pop/rock in an auditorium, to classical fine arts in an art gallery grotto, and even gospel in a secular café.

In 2013 the newest little Plaster of Paris was born in the city of light. Cami’s greatest passion is horses and the house is always packed with kids, thanks to her. Cami Cupcake even has her own Facebook channel where she rambles on about her adventures in life.

Making disciples who make disciples is our passion. And we believe that one of the best ways we can empower each other to live our best lives is by sharing our stories freely and vulnerably. We’re always growing and trying new things and we invite you to join us as the rest of the story unfolds.