Visit Paris

Be the light in the city of light!

2.4 Million tourists visit Paris every year, and now they’re coming with a mission.

Give yourself a vacation with eternal value.

Join in the harvest and bring home your own experiences.

Exclusive travel tips that I promise you won’t find anywhere else!

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  • Rob & Nichole’s exclusive Paris tour: The Prayer Promenade for the Persecuted Protestants in Paris — including historical lunch and coffee stops.

  • Meet the Plasters of Paris’ favorite chef and share a gastronomical experience at the table of a gourmet chef who prepares a seven-course surprise menu.

  • Dine with a Parisian; meet some of the locals and make a new friend.

  • Find out how our network benefits from prime locations in every neighborhood without investing in real estate at our hip & trendy rooftop gathering with a spectacular sunset view.

  • Experience a Life Transformation Group first hand and take the vision home with you to make disciples who make disciples.

  • Become friends of the family with a small producer on a day trip to Champagne and wine tasting at a family friend’s small vineyard off the beaten path.

  • Enjoy a day trip and communion with a French disciple maker in Jean Calvin’s grotto.

  • Attend a local organic church greenhouse, learn from the French experience to incubate your own dynamic expression of church.

  • Offer to put your skills to work in our network. No matter what your passion is don’t hesitate to volunteer.